We make it happen. We deliver when expected.

A common phrase at Romair Homes because we truly do “make it happen”. No matter the size or scope of the project’s problem we find solutions. There is a level of trust and comfort we provide that gives our customers peace of mind that their investment in a new home is safe in our capable hands.

We deliver when expected. There are a very specific number of days allowed in every contract we sign. We take that deadline very seriously and have a proven track record of providing our homes within that timeline. When faced with a delay, we use our knowledge and expertise to push through it and get back on schedule.

We bring our collective knowledge and expertise in home building and provide a worry free experience for our customers. Issues arise almost every day on a construction jobsite. By virtue of our design build process we are able to relieve customers of the headaches that can come up and would otherwise have to be addressed by the customer. We are experts in the type of homes we build which means we have probably encountered most if not all issues that can interrupt the home building process. This allows us to provide our customers with a proven solution when many issues come to light.

In short, we make it happen.

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